How can I prevent my hair from getting tangled and dry after wash days?

When wash day comes my hair is fine, curly and coily. The 2nd day my hair is pretty fine. Days after my hair starts looking a little bit dry and gets tangled. I'm not sure what to do so I just put my hair in a up do. I think I have 3C hair because my hair is thick, curly, and coily in certain places.

4 Answers

What kind of products do you use? Shampoo/no poo, leave in etc?
im trying out shea moisture, the conditioner, then when i get out of the shower i put a little bit more conditioner in my hair, then the shea moisture milk, deva curl cream, a mixture of oils, mirror curls by deva curl, shea moisture raw shea butter detangler, and then i let my hair air dry. With the product i put in my hair i try to smooth it into my hair so it won't be as poofy, frizzy but as days go my hair gets bigger, and somewhat frizzier. I'm also trying to make my hair longer what would you recommend as the best oil or oil mixtures. I will practically use any sulfate free conditioner as a leave in. I haven't used a no poo in a while, I used the heaven in hair deva curl treatment in my hair about once or twice a month.    @Sherryx
try twisting after washes and add a good moisturizer 
On wash days after you cleanse your hair, make sure you add a good leave in. Then seal the moisture with either a oil or butter. Then this is optional but you can go over it a cream to really seal in the moisture and have moisturized hair till your next wash day. This is called the L.O.C method. Works for most people including me but doesn't work for everyone. :)  Also if you want you could fill a spray bottle up with water and spritz your hair nightly and seal.