Can I reach waist length my fifties?

I have gone through menopause and experienced some weight gain, but my hair seems to be in good condition. It is fine and armpit length. I went natural in June 2012. Is waist length hair only for young women?

2 Answers

Hey Jeni! I do not believe it is. My grandmother has LONG hair and she is well past 50. I think it really depends on how you care for it and unfortunately genetics. I don't think I'll ever have hair as long as my grandmother's but I'm fine with that because upkeep is tedious. These are excellent reads:Why Does Hair Texture Change Throughout Life?Does Hair Stop Growing at Terminal Length?
I am over 50.  I just cut my hair to just below the shoulder.  In May it was long enough to get caught in the waistband of my pants (when wet).  Things I have noticed with age:  It grows slower post-menopause than before.  It is also prone to be more dry and more easily damaged.  It need a more gentle touch.  From one older woman to another - your hair will grow like it did before, albeit more slowly.  Have patience and rock those long curls.  The picture I have is pre-cut.  That's hitting about half way between bra strap & waist when dry.  And there is a lot of gray hiding in there.