How can I reactivate my curls?

I have mostly 3a curls with 2a on the top and 3b on the bottom, how can I get a consistent look, like making the upper layer  more curly like the rest of my hair?The second picture is a good hair day(in Florida) and the first is at home in pa (when I'm wearing the white shirt) when my hair is a little frustrating!

4 Answers

in my honest opinion , your hair is beautiful the way it is . I've never seen someone's natural hair do that before and I really like it on you . If you really want to make the top half of your head curly like the bottom , I would try using foam rollers on your head at night before bed. You could also finger coil strands of your hair while it's still wet and scrunch your hair to make it more curly . Make sure you also use a light weight curl enhancing product ! For you I would recommend Kinky Curly's products . 
Noooooo its so pretty that way! My friend straightens the top half of her hair to get it to be like yours! Keep it that way, its so beautiful!!
I've got 3a hair similar to yours.  I have my hair cut with long layers.  Yours looks like there are layers toward the bottom but you could try layering it more towards the shortest layers start just above my shoulder and my longest is about half way down my back. When I did that it helped.  The other thing I did was start using DevaCurl products.  I co-wash with their One Condition in the white bottle and then use a conditioner that has NO silicones...look at the ingredients for anything that says "cone" at the end like 'dimethicone' and AVOID these.  Try Yes To Carrots conditioner.  I use DevaCurl gel (light).  Hope this helps!  Your hair is gorgeous even if you don't change it.  It's better in Florida due to the humidity.  
thank you for all of your suggestions and compliments, they're much appreciated! :)