I really want long and looser curls

I have 3b curls and they are a little longer than shoulder length I do not really like that they are tight and I really want them to be long any suggestions for growing them out?

2 Answers

     If that what you want, then I suggest Just For Me Texture Softner. I makes the texture you have looser.
In order to grow your hair, you need to take extra good care of it. You need to really moisturize and protect your ends. Your hair is constantly growing. Slowly, but it's growing. If your ends are damaged, they will break and you won't be able to retain any of the new growth. So the best tip is to be extra careful and treat your ends well. You can also try scalp massages with oils and you can also try taking biotin supplements. As for stretching, the length of your hair will increase the weight or it, loosening the curl a little; so naturally, your hair should loosen up over time. You can also try twisting or braiding your hair as opposed to doing wash n gos, because when it dries in a twist or braid, it will stretch out the curl, changing the pattern.