How can I restore my curls to curl on naturally and not only curl evenly when defused?

When I was younger I had the most beautiful curly hair. Perfect spirally curls that would curl on it's own. But I was bullied for my hair and told it would look better straight so I got a horrible hair cut and straightened it all the time for about 3 years. Since last year I have let it do it's thing and have had it cut by someone who knew how to cut curly hair and I use better products and heat protection, but my curls still aren't the same. A few strands will curl if I just put product in and go but if I want what I used to have I have to defuse it. I really want to be able to just put product in my hair and go and for it to look how it would use too. one of the pictures isn't me but it's how my curls used to look. one is how my hair looks without being defused and the last is how it looks defused. Also i'm mixed so my hair is curly but more fine than coarse. 

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