How can I revert my hair!! urgent (read the details)

(PS my hair has no heat damandge and it is very thick but its been neglected for years and this year i have been taking more care of it but i before i had rarely used straightners or anything heat) Basically, i washed my hair and obviously i had fallout. i looked at 3 hairs and they were all curly 3c hair yet my hair is 2b but it has the dryness and frizziness of a 3c hair. i don't know what to do to get my hair like the hair i found that had fallen out (aka my true curl type). my hair is like a straight/wavy afro if you get me. the hair around my face is curlier but the middle part is frizzy dry yet barely wavey.also the hair near my neck when its dried is loose curls that are straight after a day and its like close to the texture of white people's hair. i am black/east african and my dad has an afro and my mum's hair is a 3b. is there something i'm doing wrong? do i need a a ahir product? i wash my hair every week. Is it because i stretch my hair too much like i always wear it in a bun that is quite tight. should i let it down? I also had recently cut my hair and i thought my curls would be tighter but theyre not even curls evern more. the ends of my hair curl but the top never. the top is straight. before the haircut my hair was 3b and parts of it were wavy but some were curly 3b. i have cut it recently to an inch below the tops of my shoulders when i dry my hair with a hair drier my hair is huge but no curls and like a half way afroi heard that it might take years for your hair to be the real curl type it was destined it be and that every 7 years your hair changes curl/texture gradually. i am pretty young too i'm 15. please and thank you from reading this.

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