I shaved my head from 6 inches to nothing my hair is now 2 inches and no curls, will they return?

Hi I'm Shaun Ezekiel have 2C-3A hair (My Jew-Fro) usually and this is the first time that I have buzzed my hair everywhere. I thought that it would be curling by now but now I am really worried. I don't look like me and I hate my hair straight. I dyed my hair nearly snow white before and that's why I shaved it all off and I have been using thickening conditioner and  shampoo (Axe 2in1) could any of that be the problem.I have it at about 1/8th of an inch in the back and sides but 2 inches on top. It is slightly wavy but minus that nothing.Also if anyone has any growing my hair faster tips I'd love that very much as my favorite length is about 5 inches of curly hair on top!The first 2 pics are my hair right now while the other three are earlier in the year before the full buzz. (Also sorry I look creepy)

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