Whenever I sleep on my curls, they squish! How can I protect them?

It just loses it's curl and becomes pulled and icky. Pineapples don't work for me because they fall out in the night and ugh.

1 Answer

There are many different ways: Pineapple,Pineapple bun,plopping,loose bun,head scarfYou might have been doing it wrong and need to wrap a hair tie around twice and use a silk cap or scarf1.) a pineapple is really good for medium hair. You take your hair and LOOSELY put it in a ponytail on the top of your head. When using the hair tie only wrap it around the hair once for thick hair and twice for thinner hair. (i recommend a hair tie that is new and not stretched out.)2.) Pineapple bun is basically the pineapple but in a bun like formation. But put it in a fold over bun.3.) Plopping is where you take a t-shirt and lay it out,neck line towards you. You then take your hair with one hand like a pony tail and gently put the top of your head in the middle of the shirt. Quickly take the bottom of the shirt and lay it over on the back of your head. take the sleeves(long is better) and tie the sleeves towards the back of your head. You can also wrap it twice depending on the sleeve length.4.) A loose bun is in the name, you take your hair on the top of your hair and loosely wrap it like a normal bun.5.) a head scarf is the plopping method but using a satin or silk scarf.You can also use a silk cap.REMEMBER USE A SILK OR SATIN PILLOW CASEi hope this post helped i tried to explain it in the best way possible, sorry if i didnt. But i recommend looking up CurlyPenny on Youtube and find the ways to sleep on curly hair.