How can I tame the crown on my head!!

Heyy! Okay so my hair  is low porosity, 3c. The crown/top of my hair is just a mess. It's always frizzing up an the curls are limp. While my curls underneath look  flawless.  I do oil rinses with grape seed oil which works, but only for like the first 2 days..I didn't recently get a trim (not a deva cut) and got long layers which helped with the bulk..but now some curls look a little limp too. I will attach some pictures too. What can I do with the nest in the back of my head? Is like more clumps instead of "puffy" curls.I don't really want to keep cutting my hair. Thank you !!Oh the products I use-Dove shampoo (to clarify maybe once a week)Tresseme naturals or Aussie moist conditionerGrapeseed oil rinse (sometimes)Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie (I'm starting to not care for this product)Eco styler gel

1 Answer

Have you tried to nix the shampoo all together? Shampoo that contains sulfates is really harsh on your hair and can be stripping the moisture from your crown. There are many sulfate free cleansers and conditioners to use for co-washing that are extremely affordable, such as Tresemme naturales, Sauve naturals conditioner or As I Am Coconut cowash. Also, when rinsing out your conditioner, don't tilt your head back. Try flipping your head over and letting the conditioner rinse from the back out...this will let the conditioner stay in the crown area. Make sure you are also deep conditioning once a week. If you feel as though you are getting product build up, try to clarify once a month using ACV or bentonite clay. Good Luck!