I think that I'm a type 3C. But my hair has a major problem with shedding. All the time? Any tips ?

why does this happen? It sheds all day every day. Not just a strand or two either. But my hair appears thick and shoulder length.

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Either your moisture/protein balance is off or you need a trim. Try a black tea rinse! Many have used black tea to minimize shedding.
I'm not sure what a lot really means, but I shower every morning to tame my hair as I am self concious of it if I don't have it how I like it, and when I have the conditioner in (inexpensive sulphate-free products are hard to get in Canada, so I use L'Oreal's Evercurl found in the states, and sometimes use regular conditioner when I don't want to do the full scrub thing, also when I don't want the smell of L'Oreal) I comb through my hair with the wide-toothed shower comb and get quite a bit of hair out. If you do that, perhaps you won't have as much falling out other times? (4a as well)
Oh my gosh! I have that same problem. I'm a 3a/3b. In the morning when I shower and wash my hair I literally pull out a hand full just my lathering and racking my fingers thru. It's been this way for as long as I can remember.  My moms falls out a lot too. It so bad that I stick my clump of hair to the showe wall so we don't have to spend hrs digging funky gunky out of the drain. 
I have type 3C hair too and I also always had a lot of shedding since young, my hair is fine and fragile. But since going natural and regularly moisturizing my hair, and finger detangling it, the shedding has significantly decreased. I've noticed that when I wash my hair too frequently (like everyday) or wait too long to wash my hair I get those big chunks of hair. I think you should really try finger detangling in the shower, deep condition at least every week to prevent breakage, and try to see if your hair needs a little protein treatment. Also if you're really worry talk to your doctor about it, it might be your hormones. Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!