I have type 3a/3b hair but don't know how to take care of it! Need help :(

I was adopted by a very nice family, but grew up with a white mother who had no grasp of natural hair, which intern instilled in me little to NO knowledge of of natural hair either. Throughout my childhood she straightened my hair. I honestly have NO idea what products to use, How to style it, or even how to sleep in it. PLEASE I NEED HELP! I want to stop straightening and be proud of my hair! I am completely clueless :(

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Hi! Okay, so I know *just* how you feel! I wasn't adopted, but I'm mixed, with a black mom and white dad, and neither knew nor tried to figure out my hair. And same as you, my mom flat-ironed the mess out of my hair, and I did too, because I was scared of my hair. So I feel you there!Honestly the best method as far as products are concerned is trial and error. I have 3a/3b too, but even so, your hair may not like the products mine does. Start with something cheap, and explore the hair sections of stores and the products they have for curly hair (you don't have to stick to the 'ethnic' hair isle like I thought I had to for so long!). For general hair tips, I'd say to avoid heat tools (flat irons, curling irons, blow fryers too!). Try not to shampoo too frequently, as the sulfates in it will make your hair dry and strip it of the nutrients your curls need. If you don't want to buy a deep conditioner from the store, take a peek at the recipes on here for them - a lot of them are *really* simple and use products that you can find around your house. A deep conditioner is good to use once every week (or bi-weekly), and it'll condition your hair intensely and keep it healthy, and you'll love how soft and healthy it looks and feels! Extra tips: Don't brush/comb your hair dry! On the flip side, I've found that if I use a paddle brush on my hair when wet, I get beautifully defined ringlets! (I'll post a pic). If you use a product and you don't like the outcome, don't keep trying to make it work. I've made that mistake countless times (i.e. I used one gel and it made my hair dry and brittle, so I figured it was just that gel and tried another, but it turns out my hair just doesn't like gels!). Unless you have damage, you don't need to get your ends trimmed. Tell your stylist you just want a dusting (basically clipping only split ends and not bothering your length). If you choose to get a cut, please please *please* make sure your stylist knows *not* to cut your hair the way they would cut a straight-haired's person's. And condition, condition, condition! :)*The pic is an example of what happens to my hair when I use a paddle brush on wet hair (not damp, but not soaking wet either). Really defined curls!