i use to have VERY thick curly(type 3) hair but lately its been thinning?why?& any biotin or masks?

like i said use to have very think hair but lately its been shedding so much more 100 a day and its getting me worried :( do you have any remedies to make my hair stop falling and make it thicker again / plus any supplements or masks i need to take? xxThankyou so much

3 Answers

most of the time hair loss comes from what you consume.if you eat a bunch of junk food or foods with not enough nutrients that is more than likely what it is so i say you should drink 6-8 cups of water a day,wear protective styles to give your hair rest,eat healthier( or take vitamins daily ),and exercise and in due time you should see a major change.
You should check with a doctor is the hair loss is sudden could be a sign of something more serious. Masks and supplements can only do so much. 
Have you recently given birth to a child? If so that can be the culprit of your thinning hair. Postpartum hair shedding is normal and only time can reverse its effects.