How can i get volume in my hair, i want it with MORE volume? HELP!!!

2 Answers

Hey! I have this same problem. I tend to like my hair more on the wilder side with loads of volume, especially on the top. If that's what you're looking for here are the things I've found that work to amp it up...1. A good haircut with lots of layers including some shorter ones at the top of the head.2. When your hair is wet and full of your products, separating some of the top curls out and using those metal clips to clip up the hair at the scalp (so the curl is forced perpendicular to the scalp). Dry your hair this way and carefully take them out when dry.3. Dry your hair upside down with a diffuser. 4. Once your hair is completely dry, you flip your head over again and take your hands with your fingers spread apart, place them on your scalp (not above your curls, but underneath right on the scalp where the hair starts) and sort of rub your finger pads right on the scalp fairly vigorously. If done correctly it doesn't really make the hair frizzy, just gives a bit of extra oomph. This can be done periodically throughout the day to refresh the look as well.5. If your hair is like mine, I often have what I like to call "tornado curls" where its literally like a cylindrical curl the shape of a fat sharpie marker or something. Anyway to get more volume into my hair after its dry I carefully separate out some of the fatter curls into smaller ones so they take up more space and therefore more volume!Hope this helps. If you need more help IM me. 
yes to all of what bijouxlechat said!  I do the scalp massage thing too but sometimes if it's  really flat I'll put some hard hold gel on my fingers  and more just fluff close to the scalp (but not on it, makes mine itchy