I want to change my curl type, mine is 3A, and want it like 3C or 4A, how can i change it?

It this possible ... I've been thinking in a permanent .. could this change my curl pattern? 

1 Answer

You cannot change your curl pattern. A permanent is just chemical process to give hair curl but it will damage and weaken your hair. And, it cannot change the new hair that grows from your head...that would still be 3A attached to the permed part (and I don't think they can even get a perm as tight as 3c/4a).The best thing you can do to get the healthiest bounciest curls is to follow the Curly Girl Method. It's based on the book Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey. You can buy it or start doing some research on the curly girl method. Rockyn Curls, Curly Kat Marie, and WaterLily 716 on Youtube can give you good info on following the CG method and what to do and most importantly what not to do (like use silicones and sulfates in your products). Learn to love the best your curls can do by doing the best by your curls!