I want to use flexirods

i have 3a wavy curly hair, however I would like to use flexirods to get more curls all throughout but is using flexirods a natural way?would this damage my hair is some way? 

2 Answers

Flexirod set is still a natural way to go because you are not adding chemicals to your hair to make it curly.  In some cases if you have extra time on your hands you may even be able to let it air dry instead of sitting under a hooded dryer. Flexirods are safe for the hair.  Hmmmm... there is one thing, Some people may pull the hair and wrap it to tight around the rods causing the hair to come out from the scalp. Similar to what would happen if you braided your hair to tight. Its one of my favorite looks!
Flexirods are awesome! Here's a video on how to use them: