I wanted to try a new protective hairstyle and I was wondering if senegalese twist would work

Ever since I started getting my hair texturized it stop growing and I haven't had a texturizer for about 3 years now and my hair still hasn't grown I buy different products but I also was using a lot of heat because it was easier to manage my hair but I saw senegalese and I was wondering could my hair type work for that hairstyle every one says it's to soft but I know I can hold a braid

1 Answer

I would say to first, try to see if your hair can hold a twist first because, essentially, that's what Senegalese twists are. If your hair can successfully hold a twist without unraveling then go for it! Senegalese twists are a really pretty protective style when installed correctly. If you do get them, just be sure not to neglect your natural hair underneath by cowashing, conditioning and moisturizing your hair on a regular basis. :)