When I wash my hair I have to use a diffuser. Can this cause breakage?

Hello. I have to use a diffuser for my hair when I wash or else my hair is flat. I have fine, very dry 3a/b hair that is down to my bra strap. Since I found this website I have changed the way that I care for my hair and have noticed great improvement but I still notice breakage. I rarely straighten my hair and haven't colored my hair in over a year & I trim my own hair. I use sulfate-free cleansers, leave-in cond, deep cond. treatments regularly, pre-poo, use a satin pillow, pineapple method, etc. Is there anything else I can do in order to minimize the breakage?  Thank you in advance for all your answers. 

2 Answers

Hi there, it seems like you have already learned a lot. Do you also use leave in conditioners etc without silicones? A diffuser is fine, as long as you do use the cold setting since heat may cause damage.
yes use low heat or cool setting . I also use heat styling protection spray