I was wonder what would be some good products I could use for color and heat damaged hair?

I use to bleach my hair at least 5-6 times a year and flat iron it every week. I also never took good care of my hair so it's all tangled and matted terribly when I wash my hair. I was using CANTU products but the shampoo doesn't work for me it drys my hair out a lot. I just need some help! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME GET MY CURLY LOCKS BACK PLEASE ???

2 Answers

I had color damage from going blonde and heat damage from a bad hair stylist. I started using Carol's Daughter Monoi Shampoo, Conditioner, and oil; also Shea Moisture JBCO masque. In the past months since this nightmare happened in a hair salon my hair has been in great health. Just to be clear, the products didn't reverse the damage, they helped keep my healthy hair in a great state so it would promote growth. Damage is irreversible. You can wait for your hair to grow before trimming the damage or just cut all the damage out my hair.  
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