When I was a young kid, my hair was about a 3b/c. Now it's more like a 2c-what happened?

When I was little my hair was about a 3b/c. I had gorgeous kinky little tight curls and my mom was constantly asked if my hair was like that naturally or if she did anything to it-but it just was like that! Now my hair is super thick and heavy and is more of a 2c. I long for the days of my tight and kinky curls! Any suggestions for how to get my hair back to what felt like the way it was meant to be??

2 Answers

Do you use heat on your hair? 
If your hair is very thick and heavy, and if it is long as well, that can attribute to your curls loosening. It's weighed down so they will naturally elongate. A change in hormones can also result in your curl pattern loosening, and if you were younger that can completely be the cause. It can honestly be a number of things including heat damage, if youre on birth control (comes back to hormones), etc. If your hair is long I would suggest getting some layers cut into it, that always makes curls spring out. I would try doing an ACV rinse after shampooing or before cowashing to help balance the PH in your hair and make your curls pop. You can try to use products that are lighter rather than heavier creams as well.Hope this helps a bit, xo.