Ihave 3b/c hair and its really short, i do not like it at all, its dry also. ways to make it softer?

it seems drier and curlier in the back but its also short back there. i used to straighten it but it damaged my hair, i just want to know a way to make it less curly and more wavey so i dont need to wear a headband all the time, thanks

3 Answers

To work on making it more soft, you might try using an oil, like jojoba, coconut or olive. Also, there are some products out there that say they will elongate your curls. I think some ladies have had good luck with Miss Jessie's products.
Be super nice to it! :) and it will be nice to you. OLIVE OIL<3
lots of conditioner for moisterizing and add gel to weigh it down and have better looking hair