I'm growing out my 3B hair from two inches long. How can I make it look ok as it gets longer?

I grew out my hair last year (only to waste the effort by relaxing it again) and it was brutal after about two inches. The curls on the back of the top of my head would refuse definition and lie down flat, with the rest of my hair standing up all curly like a halo around the flat area. Now I'm growing it out again and I'd love my curly short style if it wasn't for the weird flat patch. Any advise for dealing with the flatness? I'm the opposite of a product junkie and like a simple routine.

1 Answer

I would say twist, pin curl, or bantu knot the weird flat section to give it some definition and curl. You can also consider setting it on perm rods or flexi rods that are about the size of your natural curls.