I'm new to this. I need help taking care of my hair!

I want to know how to take care of 3b curly hair? What are good products? How can I get it to grow longer? What protective styles can I do? Is there anyone out there that has my type of hair & can help me?! 

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When I started to transition, I started using the Giovanni product line, mainly the Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner and Direct Leave In. I also used Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Conditioner, Eco Styler Gel and Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie. My curls LOVED it. As far as hairstyles, I did braid outs and wore buns a lot. Growing your hair takes a lot of patience and hard work and less worry. In Summer 2010, my hair was at my ears and now it's below my collar bone. And watch A LOT of Youtube videos it will help you give a sense of the Curly Girl Method.
First of all, get the curly girl handbook by Lorraine Massey. That helped me so much (and this website too of course!). The products I use are V05 coconut conditioner for my co-wash, Nature's Gate aloe vera conditioner for my main day-to-day conditioner, and I alternate between Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel or SheaMoisture coconut and hibiscus curl smoothie for my styling products, depending on the level of control I need for that day. My go-to protective style nowadays is a good ol' fashioned braid but when it was too short for braiding I would do little twists. Growing out just takes patience and caring for your hair in the meantime. Keep in mind to pay special attention to your ends as your hair gets longer. Good luck!
Research and trial and error is the only thing that helped me figure out what works for my hair.
There's so many answers for this question! Last year I started to really crack down on taking care of my hair and it's grown very fast! Shampoo/conditioner: I use the aussie moist shampoo and conditioner and the 3 minute miracle to deep condition. (I just think they're great for my hair). If your hair gets really dry easily you might want to invest in a shampoo that has low or no sulfates in them (although that's what gets the dirt and grime out), but you can also do and ACV rinse (apple cider vinegar rinse which replaces the sulfates). Or you could always try a no poo shampoo (like deva curl) DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY OR EVEN EVERY OTHER DAY. Washing your hair that often removes the natural hair oils and makes your hair dry and frizzy. It's for all hair types. Your hair needs it's natural oils or some type of oil in your hair, I can sometimes go over two weeks without washing my hair (I usually rinse my hair in the shower every day though) or co wash which is just rinsing with conditioner once a week. Before cleansing my hair I will apply olive oil all over my scalp to keep some of the oils on my hair.Detangling: Always detangle when your hair is wet and use a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush. (When I'm in a rush I use a paddle brush). Always start from the bottom to decrease breakage.Deep conditioning: You can buy a deep conditioner or make a homemade one. I personally use the 3 minute aussie miracle one because it works great and it's very quick. When I have more time I will make my own out of avocados, honey, eggs, and almond milk (all blended together) or I will purchase the mixed chicks deep conditioner. I let those sit for at least 45 minutes or I sleep in it. Growth treatments/pills: I take biotin pills every day to help my hair grow healthy and strong. I also purchase hair growth oil and spray off of ebay from a seller who makes her own. I personally love her oil and spray because it really smells good and it did really help my hair grow. Also...you can try hairfinity...it's a growth pill that everyone seems to love. I plan on trying it but it is costly. Heat: It's perfectly okay to straighten your hair. Whenever I straighten my hair and I return back to my curls...I always wear my hair curly for at least 2 weeks minimum. Excessive heat can cause breakage, brittle hair, and loss of natural curl pattern (which most people hate). When straightening your hair...just use a good heat protectant, make sure your scalp is clean and always deep condition before straightening your hair. This is just a brief guide to how I got my hair to grow long and strong and how I began to love my curls! If you have any questions I'd be very happy to answer them. If you're wondering about the growth of my hair...I've always had hair below my breasts but in 6th grade everyone had short hair so I butchered my hair shoulder length...middle school years...I fried my hair through excessive heat (flat ironing) and in 9th grade I started doing straight hair and then curly for two weeks. In summer I did everything above and flat ironed my hair for the first time in 4 months...grew a bit. I recently straightened my hair for the first time in maybe 3-5 months, a bit over of 2 inches of hair growth. DO NOT FOCUS ON THE LENGTH OF YOUR HAIR. If you focus on the length of your hair...it will seem like the longest journey of your life and you will think that your hair is not growing! Focus on the HEALTH of your hair. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair and equals hair growth! Take care of your hair!Need more info? Check out glamtwinz334 on youtube. They're great for natural hair! Hope I helped!