I'm not sure what hair type I am. I think I'm a 3b. My hair is long, curly and frizzy.

I put  hair curling lotion in my hair and I use a little hair spay if I want to look nice for the day. I use a lot of hair spray if I know it's going to be humid to keep the hold. With no product in my hair and with my hair down it looks a little wavy on the top then turns into  a frizz triangle. I need help please.The below picture is with product.

1 Answer

I'd say your hair is more wavy than curly. I think it's probably 2C. Make sure not to use a terry cloth towel, use a hairbrush, or use a shampoo with sulfates, and make sure your hair is getting enough moisture. If you already do all those things, could you reply with what your routine is in more detail? Also, your hair is very pretty, and does not look very frizzy, but from what I can see it looks like the problem is that your curl pattern is separated. That is either from brushing it out after your shower or from sleeping on it incorrectly. Your hair could also be dry.