Influence of salt water (ocean) and swimming pool water (chlorine) on curly hair?

Hey there!I've noticed that whenever I go to the beach or hang out at the pool, my hair is always very well behaved afterwards. I heard that things like chlorine and salt can damage your hair, but if that is true, then why does my hair never get frizzy or "wild" when I go swimming?  Are there any products that can re-create that effect?Thank Youuu!!!PS, I think my hair is a 3A/3B.

2 Answers

DRY DRY DRY DRY DRY. It is so terrible for your hair. Chlorine dissolves the sebum and breaks apart the hair cuticle, and salt water does similar damage with how drying it is. Keep it moisturized.
The exact same thing happens to me. My hairs 3a-3b too, and I live in high humidity. Don't know why it happens but from what little I've been able to find it looks like some curlies have a love hate relationship with salt. Makes their hair look great but dries them after a while. The other thing I've found is that MAYBE it has to do with the consistency of the water. Simply put it's watery, so it doesn't weigh down, not to mention that you're submerged underwater so it completely and totally coats your hair from tip to scalp. It could be that maybe we need runny products? In a pool or beach its tolerated, not so much in every day life. The other thing I found from personal experience is Mousse destroys beautiful beach hair. My hair used to be at its best when I went to the beach until I started using mousse and it started to look horrible. Sometimes I think curlies assume they have bad beach hair when in reality it's all the product that's ruining it. Sorry I can't give you answers, just suspicions. I don't know if it'll help, but here's a link to my question which is similar.