is curly perm good or bad curly perm???

Hey curly girlies!!!Last year i used a curl softener to loosen my curls (3c) but now some part of my hair are straight and not curly anymore! I've been trying to get my curls back but everything I tried so far isn't working! I've been wearing my hair in a bun for about a week and a half now because my hair look weird when i just leave it down:( I was wondering if a curly perm would bring back the curls ( or at least make the straight parts wavy) or just make my hair worst? PLEASE HELP!!! THANK YOU!

2 Answers

Hm. I think it might make the problem worse. Have you been deep conditioning a lot? It could be, too, that your natural curl pattern is just changing. That happens. 
I have been using a DC but it didn't work!!! And I also did the twist out thing but it looked weird and I didn't like it!