Is there anyway to fix hair that won't curl near the roots? Type 3B

My hair is curly at the ends but straight/wavy near the roots. I have tried the duck bill clips but that only keeps it curly temporarily. I have also tried cutting my hair shorter to try to reduce the weight but it still stays straight.

2 Answers

For me, I had to wait it out. Sounds like you're in the transition phase of curly hair. Make sure you cleanse your scalp and show it some love often, but not everyday. This will open up the pores in your scalp and allow for your texture to really shine are some safe sulfate-free shampoos work well with Type 3 Curls:
I really like Devri1's suggestions above. If you are needing some help while trying to use those products suggested and need to curl some roots to frame your face,  I  have found that the Amika curling wand is great and looks very natural.