Is this homemade mayonnaise deep conditioner a protein comditioner?

I use this deep conditioner once a week and my hair is low/medium prospority. I saw that it said that low prospority hair cannot take protein deep conditioners. Is this a deep conditioner rich in protein? I mean my hair feels good after I use it but last time I used it my hair it felt a bit dirty this is because I never washed it out properly though. Here is a link:

1 Answer

This is a protein treatment (the eggs supply the protein). However, If your hair likes it, that's a better way to determine whether or not you should use it than what your porosity is. Always listen to your hair when it comes to things like that, since there are things that "should" work for your hair actually but don't work. There are lots of different factors that can affect how your hair responds to different things. I would keep using it if you like it and rinse well! :)I hope that helps!