I've never seen anyone with hair like mine. I feel lost. What do I do with my hair?!

I've been natural for 3 years now but I feel more lost than ever. My hair is thick, poofy, and dry. I was born & raised in Las Vegas, NV & the heat & sun have been terrible on my hair. Not only is my hair always dry, but even my natural hair color has been altered. I always find myself trying different products and methods, but it seems like I never can get the results I believe I can achieve. All I want is bouncy, hydrated, healthy hair. I don't know what to do anymore.

1 Answer

hey, you have pretty awesome hair. On certain days (especially in humid weather) I have a big poofball, too. Nothing wrong with that. One thing it looks like you do (I'm not sure) is brush. If you do brush your curls, stop! Also, try getting in the habit of sectioning your hair into about 4 large sections and braiding every night before bed. Use a curly styling butter or creme and a leave-in conditioner. The next morning, take out your chunky braids, gently tug at your hair and separate (with your fingers, not a comb!), and spritz on a refresher. Add a little bit of oil to your roots on the crown of your head to smooth them down.