Just a really broad question about the scheme of things.

I'm 15, and I was born with little curls and had 2c waves until I was 10 or so, and then developed 3a/3b curls, which I hated and straightened every day. A few years later I decided that wasn't right and stopped straightening my hair, and now - I believe maybe from remaining heat damage? - my hair has those 2c waves until my chin and frizzy 3b curls. When I first embraced my curls they were a springy 3a/3b. I'm wondering if I go natural the right way - no poo, leave in conditioners, etc. etc. - could I get those "springlets" back? Or could I at least get my hair to curl from the scalp without heating methods? And also, will I still have transitions from no poo, and what are the symptoms?

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