the top layers of my hair are extremely dry, brittle, and won't curl like the rest of my hair help!

The rest of my hair curls perfectly fine, but the top layers from the front to the back just will not curl and they are extremely brittle and rough .. when I apply products it literally just goes straight and then frizzes up and looks a mess.. Also all around the edges of my hair including the back are extremely frizzy also and won't curl.. Any suggestions are helpful! I have been transitioning for about 7 months now from heat damaged hair.. the rest of my hair besides the ones I have explained is extremely healthy, beautiful and bouncy .. also oil will not work to calm down the frizz around the edges of my head I've already tried it :(

1 Answer

use your products on soaking wet hair, it should literally be dripping on the floor,Rinse your hair with cold water, jump out of the shower and use your products directlySqueeze the products into your hair using your hands and them using a t-shirtFrom right here, stop touching your hair!I always used to look into mirrors while my hair was airdrying and i wasn't lucky with how my hair looked, but don't be distracted by your wet hair look, it will turn out beautiful if you just stop touching it while it is wetAlso, try deep conditioning with a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and a deep conditioner you would like to use , and do it once a weekI hope i could help you:)