How much leave in conditioner should I use?

I know this is different for everyone, and I imagine that this also varies by season and dewpoint (I assume more is necessary in winter than in summer). But I was curious about just rule of thumb advice when it comes to a leave in. I have almost shoulder length 3a/ 3b hair that is fairly dry and fairly thick. Perhaps someone could give me a suggestion relative to the amount of gel I use (a lot!). In general should a leave in be applied in equal parts as a gel, and to individual sections of hair, or would this be way too much? Or Is it more like just a dime to quarter size amount for whole head? I tend to lean toward the second option, using much less conditioner than gel, but often my hair feels dry and frizzy and adding more gel doesn't seem to help so I am wondering if I need more of a leave in base under my gel. Thanks.

1 Answer

I definitely need more conditioner than gel, if that helps. Conditioner usually smooths out my frizzies and adds moisture to the hair. I probably use at least 2 times more conditioner than gel. But I usually just keep applying it till my hair stops soaking it up (which will depend on your hair's porosity).