is letting my hair natural bad for my hair

I have been natural for over 2 years now. but it's always super knotted at the back and i'm just losing my hair when I detangle. I did do a semi-perm color 2 months ago and it dried out my hair. I'm thinking of blowdrying it because i can't deal with this hairloss. But i'm scared that the heat will just  continue damaging my hair. 

1 Answer

being natural is always a good thing , just detangle your hair in the shower with your fingers as gentle as possible it's best to detangle when the conditioner is on your hair it helps a lot  , stop brushing or combing your hair it is pretty harsh for your hair , and also try looking for products that make the knots go away there's tons out there like for example kinky curly knot today leave in , i'm giving you a lot of options because i don't really have much information about your hair ,  go visit a hairstylist maybe they could help you AND DON'T USE HEAT