Why is my long curly hair not as curly as it was short?

my hair is past mid back and my curls seem to have gone away. I use to have very very curly hair, but as it got longer the curls just don't hold or bounce like they use to. I think it's because of the weight but my hair is a fine texture - not thick. I'm trying to find something to give me nice curls without tangles, frizz or crunchyness. Please help me understand these curls

2 Answers

It seems likely that it's because of the added length, especially if the curl decreases gradually. If it seems like the curls have just gotten limper or their not bouncing back up like they use to, it may be hygral fatigue - too much moisture. You could try to protein-based treatments! They might help making your hair bouncier and hold their shape better.Also, if you noticed less curl when you dyes your hair, it may have been that some damage occurred. Your hair looks healthy and I'm not really sure if it's styled in the first 2 pictures, but the curls there do seem less pronounced than in the pictures where your hair is completely black.
It's normal just gravity pulling down your hair having loose curls.