Get longer length for 3b/3c hair?!? Help!

Ok I have a mix of 3b and 3c hair. My length is medium. When I measure my curls by stretching them to measure them my hair is 9 and 10 inches. Again this is when I stretch them when my hair is dry. Looking in a mirror the front still does not reach my shoulders. They hover like inches above. How can I achieve length past my shoulders? The picture shows how my hair likes to fall in a bent shape.

1 Answer

I'd recommend massaging your scalp using castor oil mixed with coconut oil once a week. Castor oil works wonders with hair growth. Since your hair is pretty curly, I think it will take longer to show. But don't stop doing this. It will work. Also keep removing the product build up from your scalp as it could clog your follicles not allowing fresh hair growth. For clearing build up, I use acv in a spray bottle and spray, saturate my scalp and massage and leave it for ten-fifteen minutes. I do this one in fifteen days. It not only clears your scalp but offers really good shine and definition.