Looking for a new hair routine for my 3A/3B hair type but don't know where to start!

I am currently unsatisfied with my current hair routine and feel that a better head of curls awaits me with better suited products but have no clue where to start!I have 3A/3B type hair (I think!), it has always been fine but I've noticed more thickness and tighter curls since having my baby boy 6 months ago. I often find myself with "flat head" and the more I fluff out my roots throughout the day, the frizzier and fluffier my hair gets (obviously!). In addition, I find I have "play dough" hair, whereas it keeps the shape it has when wet. Therefore, if I don't perfectly scrunch my curls before they air dry, I usually end up with some pretty wonky non-curl curls and some straight strands! And for some unknown reason, the front of my hair is always curlier than the back.As mentioned, I'm a new mom without a lot of time on my hands and would love a new and easy routine for my layered shoulder-length hair. Any tips on techniques and products to try are most welcome! 

1 Answer

Hi!  I have 2c 3a fine hair, so my routine might work for you. (I usually have longer hair...only had to cut it short a couple times due to bad haircuts...now I cut my own.)  After washing your hair, apply a good instant conditioner and rinse out about 90 percent of it, flipping your hair upside-down and scrunching your dripping wet curls right before getting out of the shower.  When scrunching, if it feels like the curls aren't grouping together nicely, apply conditioner a second time and repeat.  That usually works for me.  Then scrunch curls with an absorbent hand towel.  Then scrunch a palm-ful of gel into the curls, enough to hear a squish sound.  Place alligator clips at the roots to lift small sections at the crown. I use 6, 3 on each side.  Then let air dry as you get ready, or diffuse dry.  Don't remove the clips until your hair is completely dry.  Remember that how your hair looks when wet is pretty much how it will look dry.  Not sure if any of this will help.  Hope you find what works for you!