Losing curl pattern?

recently I've noticed my curls start becoming stringy or dead (natural when I was younger I was a 3b but from all the blow drying and coloring I'm a mix of 3b/3a)when I put it up in a pointail or bun after it's dried, at night I sleep in a pineapple with a satin scarf but my curls come out looking deformed after. I recently got a trim and don't use any sulfate shampoos for about 2years, and have been cowashing ans moisturizing my hair. I do a deep condition treatment about once a week and I know my hair has came a long way frying from blow drying and straightening(which I don't do often anymore maybe 2 a month) and coloring. However I don't color anymore. I use natural products for my hair and have been trying to go on a natural transition, I don't know why or what's going on, can any beautiful curlies help a sister out ?!Thank you in advance !!

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