how to make my hair the same length???

When wet, my hair is shoulder length (at longest), but its like 3 different lengths if that makes sense???? When its dry, it shrinks into a square shape, really big and square on top and really short around the back and sides. Im so bored of it, I just want it to be the same length. It hasnt grown since like last year. Please help!!!

1 Answer

Your hair is always growing (unless halted by a medical condition of some sort)--if it appears to not be growing, it's breaking off at the same rate it's coming out of your scalp, making it seem like your hair has become stagnant. You may want to start protecting your ends (putting your hair in buns, staying away from heat, etc.) and it will allow for length retention, so your hair won't appear to "not be growing".As for the different lengths around your hair--you may have different textures on your head that curl differently so it appears shorter in some places and longer in others. This may or may not be the case.If NOT, you may want to look into finding a stylist who can shape your hair or even it out. You could probably get a good shape (instead of just cutting it all to the shortest length), that will optimize the look of all of your hair lengths. Maybe a bob or getting bangs may help, but it would depend. From what it sounds like, even if you were to cut it all even, it would just grow back unevenly, so maybe look into a stylist who can help you pick a haircut/style?Good Luck! :)