Can you make once thick, 3a, curly hair thick again?

A (not so brief) history of my hair:I was born with thick, 3a, curly hair. My mom would always blow dry my hair as a child, but it never really had an effect on my curls or the health of my hair. They would always bounce back up after being re-washed the next time I took a bath. It wasn't until middle school, though, that I was re-introduced to heat tools and hair products filled with harmful chemicals. I flat-ironed and blow-"fried" my hair every time I showered. Then my hair started thinning out and I FREAKED out. I had totally forgotten about the thick, baby soft hair I once had as a child and began obsessing over getting it back. I scoured the internet for answers, desperately trying to find a quick solution to my problem. I seriously thought all my hair would fall out so I purchased some hair regrowth shampoo (I think it was Nioxin). It did nothing. Thankfully, in high school, I cut of a few inches of my medium length hair and quit using heat and harmful products. I discovered the Curly Girl Method through Youtube curly hair guru CurlyPenny, and used some of the tips in tricks found in Massey's book. Since then, I've blow dried my hair twice and diffused it (properly) only a few times. But my hair has never returned to all its thick, copious glory! I use all natural products, gels, plop my hair, sleep on a satin pillow case, have tried taking vitamins/supplements, and everything. Nothing works, and I know I should love my hair for how it is but it is thin and gross looking. Co-washing doesn't work for me (I've tried, and failed!) so I need some kind of shampoo to wash my hair. And I will admit that I did give up on getting my curls back once when my family commented on my hair and told me it looked greasy because of my co-washing (they were right). Please help ASAP! I know there isn't an overnight solution to my problem but I want my thick hair back! 

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