Moisture and sealing questions?

so, O have been natural for over three years.  I believe I have narrowed down my products and routine.  My favorite style is the wash and go.  My dilemma is what can I do after washing,deep conditioning etc by day two my hair feels dry.  Because if me not being able to keep/infuse more moisture I feel like I have to trim way more that I should have to.  Not to mention , I feel like I am wasting products.  I do moisture and seal.So frustrating.  

1 Answer

Depending on what porosity hair you have, it sounds like you may need to A. find products that have a longer lasting effect on your hair, or B. Use heavier moisturizing products or sealants if you dont want to refresh your hair often.I know a lot of ladies have been using steamers to refresh hair after day 1, but your hair shouldnt be totally awful by day two.Try sealing with something a bit heavy like castor oil. Moisturize with a cream rather than a mist or something too light, maybe even something that contains a butter. Make sure youre sleeping on a satin pillow case or with a satin scarf because that cotton will TOTALLY dry your hair out and ruin your day two hair.You can also try refreshers like your own water mix. I know some natural hair product companies also have things that are supposed to refresh your hair. I hope this helps :) xo