My curls are unmanagable & frizzy. No products work on it. What do I do?

 I have thick, coarse hair. The curls are all shapes, straighter on the bottom layer, more coily in the front, but mostly S shaped. It frizzes immediately after being rinsed. The back is always tangled because it's the thickest portion. Oils make my hair dry, leave-in conditioners make it oily and dense, gels/serums & mousses are too light. My hair continues to get bigger as it dries. It forms into a giant, fluffy, tangly triangle, even with products. I've been struggling with my hair for 2 years now, and I'm really sick of it. I want to cut it off, after getting it cut 2-3 inches off my shoulders. (It was shoulder length.) It is not cooperating with anything and I'm really tired of doing it.

2 Answers

First of all. Breathe in Breathe out. Thrice. hahah. See try and follow this: do not shampoo or shampoo ince a month with a good moisturising shampoo. Most shampoos cause frizz. apply loads of conditioner in the shower and try and take small sections of hair and wrap/twirl it around your index finger. tedious but helpful. In the end always alwayssss rinse with cold water as this seals the cuticles and tames frizz. Do not comb out the swirls you made with your finger. If you do noy like leave ins then try water and oil mixture in a spray bottle right after shower. The secret is to keep your hair hydrated really. Tame and soithe it. You will notice that washing hair without shampoo will promote natural sebum production and that is the medicine for your frizzies. just stay calm and hydrate. Dont trim anymore, just look after your hair.
I second the in-shower hair twirling and cold rinse. The twirling especially gave me beautiful springy, but clumped(if that makes sense... Basically just not frizzy) curls