My curls have gone away :( I used to be a 3A now I'm a 2A

When I was young, I had 2A hair. Then, once I hit puberty I became a 3A. It wasn't until I started my birth control, Orsythia (which is a low dosage of hormones) did I notice my hair was not as thick or curly anymore. This could be a bad brand of BC because I got it from our student health center on campus. I can't stop taking BC, but I want my curls back. Is there a brand you recommend that won't do this? How do I get my curls back to 3A??? 

2 Answers

Hormones can change your curl pattern. It might not even be the birth control, it might be naturally happening. Hair texture changes over time.
I was on the pill for two years, and I couldn't figure out why my hair was going straight. Then I realized it was probably the birth control.  When I went off it, I waited and waited for my hair to go back, and it finally has, now, over a year later. A good alternative to the pill that I've found is the Mirena, I've had no side effects, unlike on the pill!