My family and friends don't accept and embrace my hair like I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO!

2 Answers

Be you! I come from a family of naturally straights so I can relate! They just don't get it. As soon as I embraced my curls and stopped killing them with heat and product I feel better than ever. And my curls look better too! Be a role model for the next generations to not feel staight and sleek is the only way!
I agree with Holliesg. I too am the only one in my family with curly hair.... there's only two other people on my Dad's side of the family (my father and my aunt) who have even remotely curly hair (maybe a 2c?) but both of them keep their hair very short, so you can't really tell. When I was a kid, they would do everything to try to take the curl out. But now that I'm an adult and learned how to take care of it properly (thanks to Lorraine Massey's book and this website!) I'm more confident than ever and love my curls (finally!!). That confidence is infectious, and now they are finally coming around to appreciating my hair. It took a while for them, but even if they never did that's really none of my business! It's MY hair, and how *I* feel about it is what matters most. :)