My family and friends don't accept and embrace my hair like I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO!

2 Answers

Going natural can only benefit you and hair, if they don't like it it doesn't matter because its YOUR HAIR. Curly hair is beautiful! I have prolonged going natural for so many years, i regret not doing it my hair suffered the consequences... SOO EMBRACE  It. 
Hey CrazyCurlyHairB,I say you get some new friends and family. No, thats a bad joke, but in all honesty it might be time to change your surroundings a little bit. People, especially ones close to you who hold negative perceptions about your natural hair, will only bring you down. Get your spirit and confidence up by meeting other naturals in your community. If you can't find them there... there's always the social community. I've met so many naturals via YouTube and Instagram and it helped me move past the people who didn't embrace my hair.  More importantly, it's really what you feel and think about your hair. It's your hair and you will have to love it first, before anyone else will. Related side note: I once bought a dress that I LOVED. I thought it was the most perfect thing ever. Until my friends started to tell me how much they hated it. Even though, I loved that dress their opinions of it made me feel some type of way, and I never wore it again. From that situation I learned that I need to ignore what people say about my personal preferences. If I love it, I love it and I'm going to rock it no matter what. Hope that helps. If all else fails... just tell them "Do YOU Boo" in the ever helpful words of ShamelessMaya.