My hair is 2 textures its a 3c at the roots & a 2c at the ends is that natural?

I've been natural for 4 years since my big chop and I had clipped the ends that were relaxed 2 years ago and it is 2 differnent curl textures.

5 Answers

Yep!  Very normal to have different hair types all over the place. It especially makes sense if your hairs been relaxed. 
That's totally normal! My hair can be that way sometimes and I know people with hair that way too.
My hair is a 3b at the roots and a 2c at the ends and it's like that do to heat damage. Having different hair types is normal but from what I've seen it's usually not different on the same strand of hair. Like my best friend has a bunch of straight blond hairs with some curly black hairs scattered about. That's normal. But when the the curl pattern changes as it goes down the same strand of hair, that's usually from some kind of damage.
Also, just realized that I totally forgot to say that if the curl pattern changes drastically on the same strand of hair, like going from 3c to 2c,  and that big change in pattern occurs at about the same amount of inches away from your scalp on all strands then it's most likely some kind of damage (physical from the style like pony tails everyday, thermal/heat but gave it up a few months ago so the healthy curl is growing back, or chemical like relaxer/perm and again gave it up months ago so the healthy natural curl is coming back at the roots). But it is definitely normal for it to go from 3c to 3b to 3a or vice versa on one strand of hair.
I agree with OrangeSwirl. Definitely heat damage.