My hair used to be curly, now after using the flat iron for so long i lost my natural curl. ideas?

Any recommendations? The picture below is how my hair used to be :( Now it is just frizz!!! 

3 Answers

You will need to cut off your damaged hair and start fresh. Hair is dead and cannot repair itself once it is damaged.
It's hard to say without seeing how your hair looks like now.If you've been using a flat iron for a long time, your hair is probably burnt and cannot be repaired. Stop using heat on your hair, wait for it to grow back and cut it regularly. I'm afraid that's all you can doGood luck  
Hi Glory88, I am going through the same thing with my 3a curls. You will probably need to get a hair cut to get rid of the heat damage and use moisturizing hair care products to help your hair retain moisture and stay away from heat styling, let your hair dry naturally. It will take alot of time and patience, but your hair will be healthy again!