My hair was damaged from coloring over a year ago. Is there a way to revive my stringy curls?

I colored my hair at a salon about a year ago and the color was very harsh. It made my once bouncy ringlets stringy and dull. I don't use heat in my hair hardly at all (less than once a month). I currently use an anti dandruff shampoo and a cheap conditioner as well as moose. Help please!!! I look back at pictures of my curls and if makes me so sad?

2 Answers

I know you dont wanna hear this probaly need to cut it. Thats what I did (look at my pic) Because it was so damaged...I just waited till I got enough new growth. You could do a mini chop which means cut some off little by little as your hair grows.
I went through the same thing about a year ago and I have been  trying to get my curls back to how they were.  Although I have never been a short hair person, I did have to cut my hair to get some of the curl back.  I have also been using a deep conditioner once a week.  After I wash my hair (every 3-4days) I use organic root stimulator by curls unleashed second chance curl refresher, then style.