Natural hair subscription kits for 3a?

Hi there! I'm a newish natural girl here and the curl patterns around my head average out to around about a 3a (I have some attributes of a 2c and some of a 3b, mostly that my curl width can vary depending on length and my hair is most certainly not easy to straighten) I've got very long, fine hair of medium density with low to medium porosity. I've been looking at some natural hair subscription kits like CurlKit and Curl Collection but it seems like they might be geared toward deep 3-and 4s. I do have difficulties with moisture but I'm worried that the moisture in the normal products may be a bit too heavy for my hair weight and curl. What's your experience? Any 2s and 3s had successes with subscription services like this? And any product recs? I've been using Deva Curl No-Poo and One Conditioner and it's worked pretty well for me but I'm still with a cone-full suave styling cream mousse.

1 Answer

There is also the curl collection subscription box. I've seen some of the unboxing youtube videos for all of these subscriptions and I'd have to say that they really are geared towards all types of curly hair. You just have to play with the amount and how you apply the products, honestly. If a product is too thick, you could always try to water it down and then apply. I always end up mixing a cream and a gel to get the best results. There are no rules!  For me, even though a girl may look like her hair is exactly the same as mine, there are many other factors that come into play such as porosity, density, thickness and even climate and dew points. The fun thing about the box is that you get to try out different products to see how it works, but also very important is how you apply them. Look up the LOC method, see if that helps!