Naturally Curly hair and rollers?

I have picture day coming up. My mom gave me the idea of instead of straightening my hair, I can wear it curly. But I want to change up my hair a little bit. My goal is no heat, but that can change. I have 3b curly hair, that goes a little past my shoulders. I was thinking of putting it in rollers, sleeping, then take them out. Will that work? I figure a lot of people use "curling" or "hair rods", and spiral their hair around them. Maybe it's the same concept with the rollers. My second option is to put it in rollers, then blow dry my hair. Does anybody have any experience with natural hair and hair rollers? My desired outcome is to have 3a hair, kind of like this: this: information is appreciated!!

2 Answers

you could always use big rollers like the round ones they use at hair salons sleep with them in overnight and then blow out the roots of your hair but only the roots so the top of your hair is straight then there is a curl to the bottom. or another option is you can use flexi rods if you go on youtube look up "flexi rod tutorial" and " roller set tutorial" 
A lot of curlies like Curlformers, to get a looser, more uniform curl.  There's some articles about them on this site.