Need advice on styling products

I'm still trying to figure out my hair - I feel like I'm getting closer but need some help. I have been using a lot of SheaMoisture products, the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Deep Treatment Masque, and the shampoos and conditioners, etc. The Thickening Growth Milk with Yucca and Aloe doesn't make my hair waxy.. it feels nice and moisturized, but I it doesn't give as much volume. When I used to use Nubian Heritage's Indian Hemp and Tamanu Grow and Strengthen Treatment Masque as a curling/styling cream (it ok'd it on the directions) I got a lot of volume and curls, especially second day curls. But it also made my hair waxy and hard to finger comb. I thought maybe I was hurting hair as it was getting knotted so I switched. I'm looking for the volume and curls that Nubian Heritage gave with a softer, lighter feeling like the "milk" products that Shea Moisture gives. I'm white with pale skin and dark red hair. Any help, much thanks

1 Answer

I wonder if you're using products that are too heavy for your hair.  Maybe try something lighter like Rockin' Ringlets or Curl Keeper.