In need of tips for 3B/3C fine, low porosity, high density hair care and styling

I have 3B/3C combination hair throughout the body and the very top seems to be more like 3A. Its very fine, low porosity, high density with high shrinkage - when wet/straight its past armpit length but when dry it barely passes my shoulders unless I comb my curls out and braid my hair overnight. Its extremely dry no matter how much coconut oil or Shea Moisture products I use or how much I avoid heat, gel, products containing sulfates, etc. Ive noticed that it tends to break off at this length for some reason too. PLEASE help me out, thanks

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Are you deep conditioning? Make sure to add deep conditioning into your routine! Also, since you have several different types of curly hair, I would recommend pre-pooing with coconut oil too before every wash/co-wash. I found that this greatly helps my hair retain moisture. How are you applying your products? The order in which you apply them to your hair also determines how moisturized your hair gets. Try the LOC method, I am in love with this method because of how healthy it makes my hair look. Be gentle and patient with your curls. Good Luck!
I have hair like yours a couple things that really helped me is deep conditioning with must deep condition even if you just add some oil to your regular conditioner deep condition at least once a week. If you put on a plastic cap or bag and add heat using a blow dryer it helps your hair shaft open wich is especially important with lower porosity hair. Also deeep condition on damp not soaking wet hair as this allows the hairs to soak up more product since its not already full of water. When styling try using products that penatrate the hair shaft easily such as water bssed leavins and light or dry oils. Since low porosity hair has trouble absorbing the moisture you put on it theres no sense using heavy product that will just clog the hair cuticles and cause buildupFor tips and inspiration
your hair sounds quite similar to mine, from texture to density.I have had the same problem with combating dryness.  The other answers are correct in that you should deep condition with heat: I would like to add a small caveat--the deep conditioner need almost be a lotion texture ie, As I Am's Hydration Elation.  Thicker products may still just sit on top of your strands even if you do use heat.  I liken it to trying to put  toothpaste back in the tube.  Most will just hang out on the outside.And this goes for a great many leave-ins/stylers and moisturizers.  For me?  Coconut is a little too heavy and also acts similar to a protein, making my hair hard.  I would recommend Argan Oil or Grapseed Oil simply because they are lighter.  You can even mix the coconut oil with the other two, just to see how your hair reacts. With my hair?  I seem to yield better results by either being modified Curly Girl or simply using any silicone laden conditioner as a leave-in.  Keep in mind--you will have to use a sulfate shampoo or a clarifying sulfate-free shampoo to remove the coating or build up.  I also style on soaking wet curls will not clump or I end up breaking up the clumps because there isn't enough water to work with.  I do not comb my hair dry.  I always de tangle in the shower with loads of a nice and slippery condition--you can rinse it all out after detangling and re-apply about a quarter of it as a leave-in  Or rinse some and level the majority.  That solely depends on you.  Just beware of build up after a while.